GRAZ TWO THOUSAND THREE - Cultural Capital of Europe


Everything about the Cultural Capital
Programme Book
The central Graz 2003 publication

The programme book
The bilingual programme book provides an extensive overview of the entire programme of Graz 2003, in both pictures and text, on more than 500 pages.
Comprising over a hundred project descriptions arranged by various genres, it not only makes compulsive reading but is also a vital reference work with its attractive articles, complete with extensive information and intimate insights into the dazzling and innovative Cultural Capital programme design. A colour coding system guides you through the book, denoting the individual genres as well as the German and English versions.
Price: EUR 17,-

The programme calendar
The programme calendar, comprising around 200 pages, offers a detailed overview of all events of Graz 2003, together with a richly illustrated tour of the programme highlighs. In addition: an all-round service section including information on tickets, children’s services, special services, transportation, venues, museums, accommodation and gastronomy tips. The programme calendar is available in a German and an English version.
Price: EUR 6,-

Two in one
Both the programme book and the programme calendar are available separately and in a two-in-one combination package. In a practical format, ingeniously packaged and inserted in a handy slipcase, the two main publications of Graz 2003 are both absorbing reading and vital guides to the programme at the same time. Whether in the form of a package or separately, they are the ideal companion for your visit to Graz and will be your guide when strolling through the fascinating Cultural Capital.
Price: EUR 20,-

Both the programme book and the programme calendar are available either separately or as a two-in-one package from the ”03 shop”, the ”03 info” and via the Graz 2003 website ("Tickets/Shop"). They are also on sale at all Austrian bookstores, at tobacconists in all Austrian airports and main Austrian railway stations as well as at all tobacconists in Graz.

The programme book and calendar are available from the 03 Info and the 03 Shop.
We regret to inform you that we cannot accept orders through the Internet anymore.