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Genre: Exhibitions
Film/Photo/New Media

Granny's Videos

Part of the "Mountain of Memories" project also included a DVD installation entitled "Granny’s Videos". It was dedicated to the memory of the Graz lady Emma Hoffer-Sulmthal (1900 - 1996). Like a "100-year long video tape" it told the story of the life of a woman who witnessed most of the 20th century.

Emma Hoffer-Sulmthal was born at a time when only an occasional car rattled through Graz and the first telephone was installed in her father’s house. Later she went to Vienna, studied music, married and accompanied her husband to Poland.
Her fourth child, film-maker Heinz Trenczak, recorded his mother’s tales on video during the period from 1984 to 1996 and used them as the leitmotif of the installation. From approximately 60 hours of video material, hundreds of photographs, historical film material (Graz 1940/41), and daily observations as well as items from the protagonist’s heritage, an ambience had been created in the "Stallbastei" on Schlossberg which attempted to bridge the gap between "oral history" and a walk-in "video sculpture". Gerald Zach had designed a labyrinthine structure in which visitors, aided by 24 monitors and headphones, were able to follow the recollections and life story of Emma Hoffer-Sulmthal.

Idea, concept, realisation: Heinz Trenczak
Exhibition design: Gerald Zach

A project by Graz 2003 - Cultural Capital of Europe

Date:21 Mar - 28 Sep 2003
Location:Schlossberg, Stallbastei